Sometimes I just feel like beating my head against a wall. Why is that you ask.

Here is my dilemma, I have a business that has relationships with all industries from property management to industrial properties, restaurants to construction. So I interact with all kinds of people.

What annoys me is how America has become so over politically correct.

I'll give you an example. The other day I was attempting to communicate with a person who owns a business here in Georgia. Yes, that is Georgia in the southern US. My difficulty here was that this business owner did not speak English. 

Now you might think this is unusual and I don't run across it often. However you would be wrong. On average 6 or 7 of the contracts I receive from my clients on a monthly basis involve language barriers. Now my clients, they communicate in English. But the folks I need to interact with don't.

We've become so politically correct that to expect a business owner, operating a business in English speaking America is oppressing them. "Oh no! everyone should be accommodated! What a load of crap!

All you liberal folks would say "Oh you should be kind and learn their language. You're oppressing the immigrants!" So you liberals will have me learn Korean, Spanish (multiple dialects), Farsi, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and various other languages just so that I can conduct business?

The last I checked we were in America. And what's the native language? Hmmmmm, Maybe it's ENGLISH!

Look I think its great folks come here from all over the world to better themselves, to experience our freedoms, Which I might add I fought for. This is what America is all about. But there is common courtesy too, and you liberals need to think on that  while you're thinking "Hey this guy is a bigot".

What I mean by common courtesy is this. If you go to a country, you should at least attempt to speak the native language. I've been to quite a few countries and displayed the courtesy of at least attempting to communicate in the native language.

My point being is that its not unreasonable to ask a person running a business in America to speak English. Hell our ancestors when they came to America learned English. They may have kept their native language but to fit in and be more American they learned functional English.

If I went to a foreign country whose native language wasn't English and started a business I would strive to learn the language before I started said business. Common courtesy to my customers and people I have to interact with.

I'm just looking for the same courtesy. You may consider me a bigot and that I'm oppressing the masses. So be it. It's my opinion and if you don't like it... The doors over there, don't let it hit you in the ass on the way out!